Diana Ford

Dance Teacher, Choreographer, & Coach

It’s the end of the calendar year, and we all have our list of resolutions ready to go. There they are: pinned to our dream wall, or jotted down on our to-do list in our planners. Heck, some of us even have them affixed on every corner of every part of our office or work desk…not that I have them; I’m just observing a friend’s desk 😉 While it’s important to plan for the future, and set goals for the next chapter of our lives, sometimes it’s also important to reflect on all of the good — and the bad — that has come our way. Think of it as a chapter summary, to help us realize just how fortunate we are to have surpassed our expectations, or overcome adversities. We should constantly be preparing for the best which, as Frank Sinatra clearly stated: is always yet to come. Here is my quick list of growth and change, as well as the new opportunities I’ll be exploring in 2018…

In 2017 I made a lot of adjustments in my career, and they have all resulted in growth and change; sometimes good, sometimes not so good. Although I miss many of the dancers and fellow teachers I used to work with, I am grateful for the opportunity to work with an entirely different group of dancers, who share the same ambitions and aspirations towards their futures in dance. I have an amazing mentor at work, who I’m lucky to also call my friend, and I have met and shared ideas with many other fellow educators who have helped me expand my views on teaching, coaching, and choreographing. I have branched out and taught a few master classes at different studios, meeting more dancers and even having the opportunity to teach former students once more. I’m coaching young dancers with big dreams, and younger dancers with even bigger dreams, giving me the opportunity to really focus on them when we are together and help them reach their fullest potential.

In the coming year, I wish to reach out even more, and have more opportunities to teach, coach, and choreograph for other studios, programs, and dancers. I also want to make sure the dancers at Miami Arts Charter School have the most nurturing environment for artistic growth we can provide for them. It’s important to me that they continue to train under the best conditions we can provide, and continue learning from as many experienced educators and dance professionals as we can provide them with. It brings me immense joy to pass on all the knowledge I can to all of the dancers I work with, knowing that once they begin professional dance careers, or simply pursue other aspirations they will carry some of those lessons and memories with them, the same way I still carry lessons and memories from my teachers and mentors with me through my career.

My wish for all of you reading this is that the new year brings you the strength and will power to make your dreams a reality, your wishes your truths, and your happiness your priority. All my love and light for a joyous 2018!


 –  DF

P.S. stay tuned for my next adventures so you can join me! In the meantime, enjoy this video recap of the awesome year we all shared together!