Diana Ford

Dance Teacher, Choreographer, & Coach

Hi Everyone! I know I missed posting last month, but I was so busy that I didn’t have the time to. I will definitely do my best to bring you all up to speed on my crazy exciting life!

The last time we connected, I had just returned from the FDPA in St. Petersburg and was getting ready to fly out to the National High School Dance Festival at Point Park University with some of the MAC dancers. We spent four cold days doing what we love: dancing, watching dance, and learning about dance, not to mention all the opportunities these dancers were afforded while we were on our trip! Several dancers auditioned for college and summer programs abroad. Guess what? All of them were offered multiple acceptances and scholarships to programs all over the US, and even Europe! I was over the moon happy and proud of them. It was a weekend full of new and exciting experiences for all of them, as well as an opportunity for all of us to bond and grow a little closer.

We returned from our trip and began our time crunch for our biggest performance of the year at MAC, our Spring Dance Concert. From the youngest to the oldest, all of the dancers really gave it their all and worked very hard with their teachers, adjunct faculty, and guest choreographers to put their very best performances on stage. Valerie and I had to make sure choreography was finished and rehearsals were compete before everyone left for Spring Break vacation because we knew it’d be a crazy performance week when we returned. Over the break, my hubby and I spent some quality time together at the happiest place on Earth, running around chasing fast passes to ride all of the roller coasters. We ended up needing a break from our break, but I’m glad we were able to disconnect for a few days and recharge and prepare for the following weeks.

Remember the part where Valerie and I predicted show week coming back from Spring Break would be crazy? Well, it’s safe to say we were right! We worked tirelessly from the moment we returned to make sure the dancers all had enough rehearsal time, and all preparations were in place for the performances. Needless to say, our dancers all pulled through and delivered one of the best Spring Concerts I’ve experienced. We were extremely proud of them and the maturity and grace they displayed in every single piece. Our audiences loved the performances as well; we’re still receiving great feedback from audience members! This week we’ve been getting back in shape with conditioning classes, and some fun contemporary and jazz classes at the end of the week as a small dance treat to celebrate a great weekend.

Fast forward to the present: I’m sitting here at home completing work for some online courses I’m taking to complete my professional teaching certification. I’m in the middle of my temporary certificate, and I want to make sure I finish all my requirements with enough time to relax and wait for the professional certificate in the mail at ease, with a smile on my face. It’s been tough juggling it all, but I feel that the more I grow, the more my dancers will develop as artists, so I’m happy to continue doing all of it. The more teachers know, the more their students will grow!

I was off at Showstopper Studios teaching some ballet classes a few weeks ago, and I’m currently planning my summer schedule all over town…I hope I can work with some of you soon! If you would be interested in taking my classes, feel free to reach out to me via email or social media so we can keep in touch! I’m looking forward to having more opportunities to move and groove with all of you soon! I’m adding some pictures and videos below of the past two months so you can join in on the fun. Follow me on social media and subscribe to my Youtube channel so you can catch all of my latest adventures!

Can’t wait to connect with you all!


–  DF